CNC Press

What does CNC stand for? What does a CNC Machine do? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which, in Layman’s terms, means a machine is controlled mostly by a computer and only needs little human intervention. And in this time and age, a computer-controlled, CNC Press is what will set you apart in the competition in the manufacturing industry. Here at CJR Tec Distributing, we offer all kinds of Clicker Press plus the CNC machine advantages: producing a more precise, larger volume, and higher quality of outputs.

fabric lace die cutting cnc press
plastics die cutting cnc press

The CNC machine cost is one of the factors that may buffer you in purchasing, but its advantages far outweighs the high price that you have to pay to get your hands on one. Since it only involves at most one person to operate, you can save a lot in terms of labor cost. We may be talking about tens of thousands of dollars in buying a CNC press but in the long run, you will get paid off this amount but doubled or even tripled. Not sure what press to buy? Give us a call and CJR Tec can help you with your machinery needs.

die cutting cnc press